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In just 3 easy steps, you are on track to be part of the new WFN network of florists. You will be able to receive orders at the lowest price on the market.


Step 1

Sign-up for WFN for free and

without risk

When you register, you will receive your membership number and your access to your online dashboard available from anywhere on your mobile, tablet and computer.


Step 2

Enter your opening days and

shipping costs

 Easily and intuitively, you must enter the cities you serve and the shipping costs associated with each.



Step 3

You are ready to send and receive orders between florists!

Without risk and free of charge, your WFN website will help you generate more orders according to your style and your prices 24 hours a day while saving time and effort.


The most affordable floral network

Why opt for the free platform of WFN?


Forget the many unnecessary and costly fees


Forget the monthly fees, the technological costs or the charges to send or receive orders. WFN believes that many florists simply cannot afford to pay these fees. We offer you a platform that allows florists to exchange orders at the lowest prices on the market.


Fees to receive an order : 3.75%

Fees to send an order : FREE



We are there for you.


Our team will be there to give you the support you need with your free platform fully manages by the WFN team and 100% based on performance.

Choose a change that will greatly help you.

We put at your disposal a platform that allows florists everywhere to exchange orders at the lowest price on the market.


No obligations, no contract, cancellation at any time, 100% risk-free.


No fees, no risks. You only pay a 10% commission for orders generated through your WFN platform. Orders generated by phone are still a 100% yours.


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